CJSC YARANSKLESPROM «is located at the address: 612263, Kirov region, Yaransk city,
Yaransky district, Transportnaya street, 1 Russian Federation

It was established in 2003 to market lumber products of all enterprises of the group.
Also, CJSC «YARANSKLESPROM» operates in 10 routes and helps many certified FSC
Trading companies.
Annual sales exceed 500,000 cubic meters of products from Siberian pine and larch. 80% of all
products are exported to USA Japan, China, South Korea, Egypt, Western Europe and CIS countries.

CJSC YARANSKLESPROM company is certified with FSC ™ standard and abides by the
values ​​declared by FSC. Product certification enables to sell products to environmentally
sensitive markets.

CJSC YARANSKLESPROM are located in Krasnodar, Irkutsk and Vologda etc.
We Focusing at a long-term partnership, within the years of its existence, the company has
customers in all countries of the world; among the key partners are the largest lumber producers,
construction and furniture companies: Challinor Wood Products (USA) Nippon Paper Group
(Japan), VELUX (Denmark), Van Hoorebeke Timber (Belgium), Sumitomo Forestry Co (Japan),
Hout de Groote Belgium).

CJSC YARANSKLESPROM is one of the leading Russian Birch preplaned components and
lumber exporter to USA and delivers wood products to other foreign markets. High-quality
lumber of the company is in demand in North Africa, China, Europe, and CIS countries. On the
home market, Russian Timber Products are available in all Russian regions.
Highly skilled workers, up-to-date equipment, own logging and well-developed transport
infrastructures provide sustainable growth of group’s enterprises, with 100% load and high quality,
sought-after products. Logging at the mill amounts to 390,000 cubic meters,
lumber production to 500,000 cubic meters per year. Sales geography is vast and includes Russia, USA, Japan, China, Egypt, Europe and CIS countries, with export dominating in the sales structure.

CJSC YARANSKLESPROM received various certificates for forest management and internal
supply chain. Conformance with global standards.
And this is the Current Operational Information on the company CJSC YARANSKLESPROM
Annual total of the wood-cutting area — 1800 thousand cubic metre
Annual volume of the logging — 1400 thousand cubic metre
Total area of ​​rented woodlots — 805 000 hectare
Annual volume of sale of production — 1300 thousand cubic metre
Annual volume of woodworking of plank timber — 405 thousand cubic metre
Total number of staff — 2100 people Directions of business: